Map Career Orientation Day

On Saturday,21st of April 2018, we held our Career Guidance at Táncsics Mihály Secondary School in Dabas with 4 lecturers. On the "Miénk a Pálya" career orientation day, more than 150 secondary school students participated.
First, László Lakos, Regional Manager of K&H Bank's SME Sector, gave a lecture on financial and banking work and the challenge of everyday life. He said that he had to make a lot of analysis and documents by the time businesses could make the right decision in cooperation with the bank, but he highly recommended this "profession" because of the possibility of continuous development and diversity. Here it is very important to constantly update your knowledge.

Secondly, Gubányi Gábor, a chartered accountant and certified tax expert, delivered a presentation about Trendház-2000 Kft. He explained in detail how he was employed after his university years, what steps he had to take to become a financial analyst at the company. He spoke about how important it was to learn new things in his work, to have knowledge of agriculture and animal breeding to prepare, base, and support financial decisions.

As a female speaker, Edit Kucsera, a chartered accountant, was also represented by Trendház-2000 Kft. She said she had always been interested in how to make more money, how she could learn more about money, and therefore she had chosen the financial accounting course appropriately. She was very pleased to be able to join a company like Trendház-2000 Ltd. with a graduate after college, where she could deal with accounting, payroll administration, and put into practice her knowledge. In addition, he inspired, encouraged the students to learn further and gain at least one degree.

Finally, Richard Temesi volunteer of Workplace for Families Foundation talked about the Foundation's work and launched “Families to Matches” program with Dabas Handball Club. He told them how interesting is helping people, how they created and designed the logo of the Foundation and what is symbolized by it.

István Temesi, managing director of the company group, closed the day with his enthusiastic, encouraging words and stressed how important it is to seize the opportunities provided by life, as he was a Small Animal Farmer in Kaposvár, and now he became the head of Accountant-, Payroll-, Tax Consultant- Company, which employs more than 40 people by now.